Daniel Considine has  been raising quality dairy goats near Portage, Wisconsin for over fifty years. He has been a Licensed ADGA dairy goat judge since 1965, judging in all parts of the US as well as Brazil. Daniel also coordinates large export shipments of dairy goats abroad. He has exhibited at major state fairs in the Midwest as well as many National Shows. For many years, we sold milk under the  label Sunshine Farms in the Midwest. In 2015 we celebrated sixty years at the Wisconsin State Fair.


Above: Daniel, four girls, four sons-in-law, and a few of the next generation at the sixtieth anniversary.

In 2016 Daniel won the American Dairy Goat Association Helen Hunt Distinguished Service Award for long term service to ADGA (below).


Above: Part of the family at the sixty-first State Fair for the farm.

Above: 2016 Wisconsin State Fair.


Above: milking does on the rocks at the farm.


Above: Trying to get a good shot of Burtoa at 2014 Wisconsin State Fair.

Above: Another good shot interrupted at the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair.